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Empowering patients to work alongside us and play an active role in their own health

Patients are taking more and more control of their own health. At Servier, we see this shift as a unique opportunity to work both with and for them to develop medicines that better suit their needs. 

We involve them in our work, right from the moment the molecule design process begins and at every stage of the medicine life cycle. 

Their understanding of their illnesses and the medicines they take drive our research, which in turn improves treatment and increases the effectiveness of the therapeutic solutions we develop. 

We particularly appreciate the valuable contribution made by patient organizations, from diagnosis through to properly following treatment. 

Genuine therapeutic progress comes through close collaboration with patients. 


Ranked 2nd out of 23 companies by oncology patient organizations, according to the PatientView Report 2022 on the reputation of pharmaceutical companies (up five places from the previous year)


international or European patient organizations collaborated with Servier in 2023


of informed consent forms filled out by people taking part in Servier Group clinical trials were reviewed by patients in 2022-2023. We aim to reach 100% within the next three years.


of our lay summaries are approved by patient representative bodies and translated into the language of every country involved in the study.


of clinical research projects were reviewed by patients in 2022-2023.

With 18 patients representing ten different pathologies, the Servier Saclay Research & Development Patient Board worked with our R&D teams to integrate patients’ views even more effectively into the research and development of new drugs.

Harnessing industrial excellence and independence to benefit patients

Au sein de nos 16 sites de production répartis à travers le monde, nous fabriquons des médicaments conformément aux plus hauts standards de qualité, de sécurité et de fiabilité.

Thanks to our network of 16 production sites located throughout the world, we produce and distribute our medicines in accordance with the highest standards on quality, safety and reliability.

As a pharmaceutical Group deeply committed to health independence, we have always actively chosen to maintain significant production capacity in Europe. That is why we produce 96.5% of our active ingredients at our Oril Industrie facility in France, before distributing them to nine production sites for use in medicines prescribed in cardiology, neuroscience and diabetes.


of our active ingredients are produced at our Oril Industrie facility in France.

By harnessing digital innovation across the entire value chain, we continue to enhance our ability to meet patient demand.

Combating counterfeit medicine

Counterfeit medicines represent a serious risk to public health and a danger to patients, as there can be a lack of active ingredients, incorrect dosage, impurities and toxic substances.

The WHO estimates that 10% of medicines distributed in developing countries are of substandard quality or are counterfeit. Counterfeit medicine therefore represents a major cause of inequalities in treatment. 

We have been working for several decades to counter the scourge of counterfeit medicines. 

As a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), we promote prevention, training and medicine traceability. 

In addition, our specialist teams are involved in developing innovative technology, such as electronic and near infrared product labeling which serve to analyze suspicious boxes of medicines found throughout the world.  More generally, our generic medicines help combat the problem posed by falsified medicines; as generics are less expensive than brand-name medicines, they help drive counterfeit drugs off the market.

Learn more about our commitment and actions to fight against counterfeiting.

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