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For our partners and communities

Solidarity through Mécénat Servier

Mécénat Servier represents a collective journey that unites all our employees and partner organizations. 

The Mécénat Servier Charity Fund brings together, finances and develops the Group’s charitable initiatives in the following areas: 

  • health 
  • education 
  • culture 
  • community spirit 

It reflects our will to conduct ourselves in a manner that benefits the community. 

Mécénat Servier has developed four schemes through which our teams can pitch in: 

  • skills-based sponsorship, enabling employees to take time out of their working week to share their professional and personal skills with non-profit organizations working on projects related to the Fund’s areas of commitment 
  • the Congé Solidaire® so employees may take part in international solidarity projects with Planète Urgence, financed by the Fund, where employees give two weeks of their annual leave 
  • solidarity seminars, to collectively undertake community action alongside non-profit organizations 
  • micro donations made by Servier employees in France who choose to round down their monthly salaries to make a tangible contribution to the charity of their choice 


Over 50 non-profit organizations funded since 2016 


Over 4,200 hours of skill-based sponsorship completed in 2022-2023 by Group employees


employee actions in 2022-2023 

In 2023, Mécénat Servier launched a new skills-based sponsorship program especially for employees who are close to retirement age to enable them to gradually transition into the next chapter in their lives by enjoying a fully immersive experience within a public interest organization.Eligible employees have the opportunity to join a community project of their choice for a minimum of six months while maintaining their full pay and rights to paid leave. The program is open to all employees who are between six months and two years from full retirement and who have been employed by the Group for at least 10 years.

Two Servier employees restoring the exterior paintwork of the Told community house, which houses an art school for children. An activity carried out within the framework of skills sponsorship scheme.

Fair and shared growth

Because we are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we are based, we are keen to help bolster the local economy, creating value everywhere we operate. 


countries covered by the study: France, China, Russia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Australia, Turkey, Romania, Argentina, Hungary, Japan, Egypt, Morocco and Ireland.


jobs (FTE) supported by Servier


in GDP generated

For our partners

Being a vigilant, responsible partner

Our ethics and compliance policy serves to ensure we conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner. The policy enables us not only to comply with regulatory requirements regarding business conduct, but also satisfy our stakeholders’ aspirations for fair and balanced collaboration.

Ethics and compliance—living up to our role as a responsible member of the society

Compliance guides everything we do and the way we do it, day in, day out. Further to complying with legislation, regulations and other industry codes, we are constantly enhancing our compliance system by allocating ever-more resources and means, strengthening our anti-corruption system and integrating compliance in our risk management strategy.

Compliance in practice

We pledge to uphold compliance day in, day out by following two key guides: the Code of Conduct, a reference guide developed as part of the Group’s Ethics Charter, and an ethics hotline, which allows anyone to express their concerns and inform the Ethics Bureau of any serious failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or the Ethics Charter.

For our suppliers

We undertake a responsible approach to procurement and make sure we select our suppliers based on their ethical conduct and record of compliance, while also seeking to build a fair relationship with them.

Policies and procedures

Our suppliers are encouraged to adhere to and comply with the principles set out in the following Group reference documents:

Our responsible procurement strategy 

Our Responsible Procurement Charter sets out the shared principles that apply to our buyers, suppliers and subcontractors. It was developed around ISO 20400 and requires us to: 

  • measure the potential impact of the natural raw materials we use (such as paper, cardboard, sugar and lactose) on biodiversity, with respect to their origin and the quantities used
  • ensure our suppliers and subcontractors take steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 
  • reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by purchasing low emission or low polluting products 
  • regulate the quantities purchased to avoid wasting materials and reduce the volume of waste 
  • ensure compliance with local and international regulations, human rights, human dignity, health and safety


2030 target: assess >90% of the top 1,000 suppliers against CSR criteria.

Lasting and responsible relations

The First Class Partner program positions Servier as a partner that cares about the way it conducts itself, and prioritizes collaboration, mutual respect as well as financial and social incentives. 

  • We ensure our suppliers uphold human rights, protect people’s health and safety, preserve the environment and comply with the principles set out in the Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct. 
  • We assess them in accordance with the CSR sustainability criteria set out by EcoVadis. 
  • We select the suppliers with which we wish to work on the basis of this assessment. 

The EcoVadis platform enables us to assess suppliers according to financial, ethical, social and environmental criteria. 


average EcoVadis score obtained by the 464 suppliers and subcontractors assessed by the Group (2022/2023).


of our 100 most important suppliers have been assessed on the EcoVadis platform (2022/2023).