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“Our commitment to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs remains inextricably linked to our commitment to our teams, our stakeholders and the environment.”

Olivier Laureau President of Servier


A new era with new expectations

The world is changing, and so are the mindsets.

There is a growing interest from patients in digital solutions, aspirations for more equitable access to healthcare, and new priorities and desires from employees. Servier is transforming itself to better meet society’s expectations.


Time to accelerate

The post-Covid economic recovery has disrupted conventional practices across the board. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole is undergoing a period of transformation and acceleration.

Companies are striving to maintain competitiveness while sharing their expertise, streamline costs while ensuring continued access to medicines, and incorporate AI while prioritizing the human element in research.


Toward more sustainable growth

We no longer live in a world where economics is pitted against ecology and social responsibility is played off against financial results. Businesses are brimming with creative ways to marry growth and sustainability.

All about Servier

High-performing R&D to serve patient needs

Our ambition is clear: to strengthen our leadership position in select therapeutic areas, especially cancers and rare diseases. To achieve this, our teams are focusing their research efforts, leveraging open innovation and AI.

Our ambition for 2030

Our 2030 strategy fulfils our vocation and takes account of the health challenges facing society today and into the future. We are driven to achieve our ambition as cancer is ever-more prevalent and cardiometabolic diseases still represent a major cause of death around the world.

Making a meaningful social impact for patients and a sustainable world

The notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) permeates every area of our corporate strategy. It is at the heart of our Servier 2030 ambition.

2022/2023 Dashboard


€5.3 bn consolidated sales revenue at September 30, 2023


Share of revenue from brand-name medicines invested in R&D each year

21 900

Employee headcount at September 30, 2023


Overall engagement score among Servier Group employees in 2023

-11 %

Reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions compared with previous year

Integrated Annual Report

Chapter 1: A new era with new expectations

Integrated Annual Report

Chapter 2: Time to accelerate

Integrated Annual Report

Chapter 3: Toward more sustainable growth

Integrated Annual Report

Chapter 4: All about Servier

Download the 2022-2023 Integrated Annual Report

Download the 2022-2023 Integrated Annual Report