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open innovation

Servier harnesses open innovation to draw on collective intelligence in a way that benefits patients

At Servier, we understand the importance of open innovation. We consider it presents three main advantages—accelerate the speed of research, offer each project an optimal environment in which to thrive, and collaborate with the best partners for each project.

We believe in fostering synergy between shared expertise and harnessing the interdependence of our knowledge and savoir faire.

A partner of choice

Our partnership strategy centers around a single objective to ramp up the speed with which we develop treatments that significantly improve patients’ quality of life. We take a people-oriented approach to our partnerships, and we focus on creating win-win situations by pooling our expertise. We are keen to invest in innovation that benefits patients in the future.

Being a partner of choice

When it comes to guaranteeing a successful partnership, our value proposition is unique.

Our governance model underpinned by independence enables us to adopt a long-term vision to build lasting, effective relations, guaranteeing stability for all our partners.

We have developed expertise in international markets and a diverse network of geographic locations, bosting a presence in both mature and emerging markets. We are therefore in a position to establish a personalized approach to collaboration with each partner so as to optimize every dimension of the relationship to benefit all parties.

We draw on the scientific excellence for which our teams are renowned and the considerable investment in R&D to build a high quality and future facing portfolio of therapeutic projects. Our flexible, reliable and agile teams work day in, day out to drive scientific progress. We are a partner of choice.

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What kind of partnerships are we looking for?

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A network for external innovation

In line with our innovation strategy, we have a network for external innovation throughout the world. The idea is to discover and develop the most favorable opportunities in terms of research partnerships, licensing agreements and acquisitions with the most prominent centers for biomedical and life science innovation.

Our offices are located in the US, China and France.


scientific partnerships and collaborations in 2020/2021

Watch these case studies

Day in, day out, we expand and diversify our network of partners.

#PartnerOfChoice Servier x Oncodesign

Initiated in March 2019, our collaboration with Oncodesign, a French biotech specialized in precision medicine, has identified the LRRK2 kinase inhibitors and their potential to act as therapeutic agents against Parkinson’s disease.

Cover of the video Partner of Choice

#PartnerOfChoice Servier x Vernalis

We have partnered with the biotech Vernalis Research since 2007, working together on several projects focusing on a range of drug targets to drive progress in oncology research.

Cover of the video Partner of Choice

#PartnerOfChoice Servier x OSE Immunotherapeutics

We entered into a license option agreement with the French biotech OSE Immunotherapeutics up to the completion of a phase 2 clinical trial in Sjögren’s syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

Cover of the video Partner of Choice

#PartnerOfChoice Servier x Celsius Therapeutics

We established a partnership with Celsius Therapeutics in 2020 to identify and approve new drug targets to treat bowel cancer.

Cover of the video Partner of Choice


When we work with start-ups, we inject fresh momentum and stimulate value creation for both parties with a shared goal to boost therapeutic innovation to serve patient needs.

At Saclay, Spartners, the incubator for start-ups driving therapeutic innovation

Logo Spartners by Servier & BioLabs

Ranked as one of the eight clusters for innovation worldwide, along with Silicon Valley, Beijing, Boston and Silicon Wadi in Israel, Paris-Saclay has top-tier international influence. The site is home to key names in research as well as international companies, start-ups and renowned universities.

The start-up incubator at our future Research and Development Institute in Paris-Saclay is unique in France. This new synergy between the momentum of young, future-facing companies and our pharmaceutical knowledge will therefore create unique conditions that will accelerate therapeutic research.

BioLabs, the premier US-based network of incubators open to high-potential start-ups, will oversee the day-to-day management at the facility, supply equipment, provide services, offer practical support, and organize events and programs specially designed for start-ups operating in the life sciences industry.

Spartners was designed with capacity for around 15 start-ups, which turnover every two years on average.


Around 15 start-ups

Do you work for a start-up and want to join the incubator?

  1. The call for applications is aimed at young innovative companies in the field of health and life sciences that develop innovative concepts. You can apply via the form available on the website :
  2. Possess a certain level of maturity
  3. Have a proven and promising concept that is consistent with the activity of Servier, as well as a clear vision of your needs
  4. Applications will be examined by a selection committee, composed of representatives from Servier and BioLabs, as well as experts representing key players in healthcare innovation: Medicen, France Biotech, the SATT network, and Bpifrance.

A program tailored for start-ups

In parallel, and in partnership with Biolabs, we offer French start-ups working in biotech and life sciences the opportunity to take part in a masterclass program.

The Saclay-Boston Biotech Masterclass is split into two parts, the first of which is an event in Paris to o launch the group dynamics of the class. Then, spending a week in Boston at the heart of one of the world’s most innovative biotech communities, giving participants the unique opportunity to gain skills, learn about the American ecosystem and meet potential partners.


Boosting innovation through scientific knowledge

We work with the most prestigious universities and surround ourselves with top talent. We support young researchers and work as part of a community to drive therapeutic innovation. By combining our strengths, we can meet the challenges of the future.

We build on strategic alliances with institutions and universities to work with new scientific data and innovative technologies. In particular, we have developed partnerships with several universities all throughout the world, including Harvard, Montreal, Hong Kong, Hamburg and Vienna.

In France, our future Research and Development Institute at Paris-Saclay will work in close collaboration with the most prestigious universities, including Centrale Supélec, École polytechnique, École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and Université Paris-Saclay, the first university in France in the Shanghai ranking.

Investing in the excellence of academic research

We strongly believe that innovation is the key to therapeutic progress. That is why we build on academic excellence so as to continually better serve patients. Each year, Servier takes on around 60 PhD and postdoctoral researchers. Half of our research efforts are conducted in our R&D centers, while the other half is integrated into our partner labs.


Nearly 60 PhD and post-doctoral students across 10 countries

Spotlight on the SHINEDocs program

We work closely to support young researchers through our SHINEDocs program,1 which accompanies them through their PhD or post-doctoral studies. This enables them to expand their network, develop their soft skills and present their research. Consequently, they all become active participants in therapeutic projects and innovative technology.


Doing my post-doctoral studies at Servier offered an ideal transition from academic research to the private sector. I had the opportunity to work on a program to discover new medicines with a therapeutic purpose.

Nicolas, PhD student in cell biology at Ecole Polytechnique

Ready to express your talent for therapeutic progress?

Servier Campus, our website designed especially for students and graduates

[1] Servier Highlighting Innovation through its NEtwork of PHD students and Post-Docs