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Giving meaning to what we do

The Servier governance model is what makes us different and also what makes us strong, as being governed by a foundation allows us to be free from shareholder pressure and fully commit, in a sustainable way, to discovering and delivering innovative solutions for patients.

We draw strength from our independence:

  • We are free to choose the direction in which we are headed
  • We listen to patients to provide them with the most effective solutions

The Fondation Internationale de Recherche Servier

The Fondation Internationale de Recherche Servier (FIRS) is a non-profit governance foundation without capital. It sets the Group’s strategic orientation, ensures it is pursued and has the power to appoint and remove the President.

The FIRS President also holds the office of President of the Servier Group. He is appointed by the Supervisory Board for a five-year term.

No persons own any stake in the Group’s capital. A portion is held by French non-profit associations, members of which are companies in the Group, and the rest is held by Servier itself through a legal scheme allowing a company to hold its own capital.

Maintaining freedom of choice guided by our independence

At Servier, we are resolutely independent. This means we are free to make the choices we believe are right and adopt a long-term vision. That is why we choose to reinvest our profit to grow our business and drive progress by developing new treatments for patients.

Diagram of the Foundation's operations

Two governance bodies

The FIRS comprises two governance bodies: a Foundation Council and a Supervisory Board.

The Foundation Council

He has the responsibility of approving the key elements of the Group’s overall strategy and any potential significant operations.

  • The President of the Foundation Council also governs the Group (Servier SAS)
  • The Vice Presidents are also members of the Executive Committee of Servier SAS. They approve the Group strategy and any major decisions
  • The other members may be consulted by the President and the Executive Committee on matters of importance

Members of the Foundation Council



Vice Presidents

Claude BERTRAND, Nicolas BOUTS, Pascal BRIERE, Virginie DOMINGUEZ, Philippe GONNARD, Siham IMANI, Pascal LEMAIRE, Frédéric SESINI, Pierre VENESQUE

Other members

Patricia BELISSA-MATHIOT, François DRUGUET, Patrick GENISSEL, Patricia LAFAIX, Arnaud LALLOUETTE, Vincent LAMARCHE, Pascal LANGLOIS, David LEE, Patricia MAILLERE, Charlotte MARMOUSEZ-TARTAR, Stéphane MASCARAU, Desmond MURPHY, Xavier MORELON, Charbel NOBLE, Béatrice PERRON, Hugues RENAUT, David SCHULTZE, Frédéric SECAIL, Christophe THURIEAU, Amandine TOUSSAINT, Isabelle TUPINON-MATHIEU, François VILETTE

Membres du Conseil de Fondation Servier en discussion

He is tasked with ensuring the Group upholds its founding principles and approving its strategy, the five-year plan and 10-year outlook as well as any strategic decisions including acquisitions, disposals and loans. The President is appointed by the independent members of the Supervisory Board.

Independent members

Matthias STAEHELIN (President of the Supervisory Board), Kapil DHINGRA, Bernard LE PEZRON, Catherine MAZZACCO, Gijs MELCHING, Jean-Christophe TELLIER, Christian WYSS

Other members


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