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Our special status as a laboratory governed by a foundation means each year, we can invest over 20% of our revenue from brand-name medicines in research and development, a strategy that helps us to discover new treatments more easily.

Day in, day out, we capitalize on the talent and engagement of the 21,900 people employed throughout our Group in order to make our brand-name and generic medicines available to patients in over 150 countries.

These medicines are the fruit of our knowledge and expertise in our therapeutic areas of oncology, neuroscience, immuno-inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and metabolism.


of revenue from brand-name medicines invested in R&D each year

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Servier engages in open innovation to tackle the health challenges facing society, now and in the future. We work fervently alongside our partners, including academic researchers, start-ups, pharmaceutical groups and biotech companies.

We also endeavor to drive scientific progress by working with patients at every stage of the medicine life cycle. Ever attentive to patient needs and experiences, we place them at the heart of our approach to innovation within virtuous ecosystems.

This collective energy enables us to pick up the pace of therapeutic innovation to serve patients, to serve life.

Did you know?

Servier’s medicines treat patients in over 150 countries.

Servier invests over 20% of revenue from brand-name medicines in R&D each year.

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Our governance

Maintaining freedom of choice guided by our independence.

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Our ambition for 2030

Our Group aspires in 2030 to have a meaningful social impact for patients and for a sustainable world, this is our vision.

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Servier key figures

As a global pharmaceutical Group, we help to drive considerable therapeutic progress.

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Servier throughout the world

Pursuing our vocation, we bolster our presence in regions where patient needs are greatest.

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Our history

Since 1954, Servier has been renowned for its quality and excellence in science and medicine.

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