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We have everything we need at our disposal to actively contribute to therapeutic progress, including a long-term vision, made possible by our unique governance model, an effective and collaborative approach to innovation, significant investment in R&D and a presence in the heart of global innovation communities.

We have chosen to focus our R&D efforts on therapeutic areas where medical needs remain considerable and are not yet tackled taking the increasingly targeted approach of precision medicine.

Our development portfolio reflects this choice.

In 2023, the opening of our new R&D Institute at Paris-Saclay positions us as one of the most innovative pharmaceutical groups in France and Europe, thereby enabling us to further step up our collaborative approach to research and development.


over 30 active partnerships throughout the world


over 30 research collaborations throughout the world

“WeHealth by Servier” : Digital innovations to serve Health

WeHealth by Servier is the embodiment of our digital health strategy, intended for two key players: start-ups and incubators. It is part of a dynamic of open innovation and will focus on developing various partnerships – co-development, licenses, strategic partnerships  – based on recognition of our team’s expertise around the world.

Focus on: Servier, IMI and IHI

Servier has been a partner of the Innovative Medicines Initiative for over 10 years. This is the largest European public-private partnership in the field of life sciences. It was established between the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry, represented by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). IMI aims to improve health by accelerating the development of next generation medicines. As a successor to IMI, Europe is now setting up IHI, the Innovative Health Initiative, which Servier supports and which integrates digital health and medical devices players in order to facilitate the medical pathway for patients.

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Research & Innovation

Research & Development

Picking up the pace of research and efforts to develop new therapeutic solutions.

Research & Innovation

Open Innovation

Collaboration and constant dialogue with pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech companies, start-ups and academic partners.

Research & Innovation

Our development portfolio

Reinvesting our profit to discover new therapeutic solutions.

Research & Innovation

Clinical trials

An essential part of the process, subject to strict regulatory control, to obtain regulatory approval to market the medicine and define how it should best be used.

Research & Innovation

Managed Access Programs

The request must be unsolicited by the treating physician on behalf of the patient