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Enhancing hypertension control with Servier’s commitment to therapeutic adherence

Servier Slovakia has been a partner of the Charter 70/2023 – initiated by the Slovak Society of Cardiology and the Slovak Society of Hypertension, Slovak Society of Internal Medicine, Slovak Society of General Practitioners, along with patient association since the start of the project in 2019. The project was then recognized by Ministry of Health and the president of Slovak Republic.

Its objective? From 46% in 2019, achieve 70% of hypertensive patients with well controlled hypertension by 2023. More than 2,400 healthcare professionals joined the program that also included general practitioners’ assistance, education to a wider public, and agreements with health insurance companies to reward best practices from doctors.

In 2023, Servier Slovakia was proud to participate on Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme to confirm that 74% of hypertensive patients were now controlled. The program has therefore been extended to a second phase – Charter 70/2028, whose additional goal is to improve awareness, detection, and early diagnostic, making sure no patient is left unaware of their condition.

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The dedication and success of our team in Slovakia could not go unnoticed. In Portugal, where 40% of adults suffer from hypertension, Servier launched the Mission 70/26 initiative in February 2023.

This project, in partnership with the Portuguese Society of Hypertension, aims to achieve 70% control of hypertension among patients in primary care by 2026. The initiative has seen significant engagement, with over 10,120 healthcare professionals registered by May 2024.

Initiatives within Mission 70/26:

  • Production and showcase of educational content
  • Scientific sessions at congresses
  • A mobile awareness truck to conduct hypertension screenings and information activities
  • Creation of Prize Missão 70/26 to offer monetary support for healthcare projects that enhance treatment adherence.

From the starting control point of 52.8% in 2023 and April 2024, the Portuguese Society of Hypertension (SPH) presented the results of the last semester: 60%2 of control regarding the hypertensive patients followed by the primary care!

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In Georgia, Servier supports the “Medical Society Face to Face with Hypertension” campaign, launched in collaboration with the Society of Cardiologists of Georgia. This three-year initiative aims to increase public awareness and equip primary healthcare practitioners with effective disease management strategies. The target is to improve hypertension control to 50% by 2027, from alarming current level of 17%3.

The campaign kicked off on April 26, 2024, with significant participation from the Georgian medical community, including high-profile attendees such as the Minister of Health and the French Ambassador.

In Croatia, the Mission 70/26 was launched by the Croatian Hypertension Society, aiming that by 2026, 70% of treated patients with arterial hypertension reach the target values ​​of blood pressure. Hypertension is 2nd leading cause of death in Croatia4. As a committed partner in this fight against the silent killer, Servier Croatia has pledged to increase adherence to treatment and reduce clinical inertia. The program will primarily involve digital education to enhance both health literacy of healthcare professionals, and awareness for the patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines therapeutic adherence as “the extent to which a person’s behaviour – taking medication, following a diet, and/or executing lifestyle changes – corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider.”

Therapeutic adherence is crucial for managing chronic conditions like hypertension. Poor adherence leads to uncontrolled blood pressure, increasing the risk of severe health complications and economic burdens. In Europe, approximately 200,000 deaths5 annually are attributed to non-adherence to hypertension treatment.

To address this, organizations like the WHO, the European Commission, medical societies, and patient associations emphasize the importance of therapeutic adherence. As the world 2nd pharmaceutical company in hypertension6, we are dedicated to supporting these recommendations and enhancing therapeutic adherence worldwide, to the benefit of patients.

Therapeutic adherence: the missing piece to treat chronic diseases: read Arnaud Lallouette’s opinion column, Executive Vice President Global Medical & Patient Affairs at Servier.

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