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A major name in cardiometabolism

Cardiovascular diseases (primarily including hypertension, heart disease, cholesterol and heart failure) and as high cholesterol are constantly on the rise throughout the world. Faced with this public health challenge, we work day in, day out alongside patients and health care professionals.

We intend to maintain our leading position in this area by taking a strategic and innovative approach to managing the life cycle of our medicines. We capitalize on our expertise in incremental innovation, in particular by developing single pill combinations, which were designed to simplify treatment and improve compliance.


leading pharmaceutical group
in cardiology worldwide*

*IQVIA, Analytics Link World 75 countries – MAT Q3-2023


leading pharmaceutical group
in hypertension worldwide*

We have been also involved for many years in treating Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for around 90% of all diabetes cases in the world. As a complex illness that can evolve over time, it represents a major public health challenge. We are also behind several global initiatives to improve patient care and quality of life.

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Stepping up to the plate to improve adherence to treatments

In recent years, the health care sector has increasingly been focusing on ensuring patients stick to long-term treatments. Indeed, despite the existence of many therapeutic solutions, non-adherence is very frequent and greatly impacts patient health, which is why we take the situation very seriously.

We strongly believe that proper adherence is key to treating patients and improving care.

Video by Véronique Morris on treatment adherence
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One of the keys to ensuring patients adhere to their treatment is increasing their engagement with the medicines they have been prescribed. That is why we initiated a project in collaboration with the doctors from the European Society of Hypertension (ESH), two patient organizations (Global Heart Hub and Senior International Health Association) and two institutions, including the European Commission, to develop a comprehensive digital solution to make it easier for patients to adhere to their treatment.


Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol are constantly on the rise throughout the world.


Type 2 diabetes

As a complex illness that can evolve over time, Type 2 diabetes represents a major health challenge.


Venous diseases

Servier works alongside health care professionals and patients to better understand venous insufficiency and treat the symptoms.

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