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Focus on four key therapeutic areas

We are a world leading pharmaceutical group in cardiology and the treatment of venous diseases. In oncology, we are moving up a gear to become a focused and innovative player. We are also involved in metabolic diseases, neuroscience and immune-inflammatory diseases. To increase the pace of innovation oriented to meet patient needs, we champion collaboration and constant dialogue between those involved in health care in both the public and private sectors, it takes an open and collaborative approach, working with academic partners, pharmaceutical groups and biotech companies.

Putting patients at the heart of our strategy

We put patients and innovation at the heart of everything we do. To meet their needs, we work with patients at every stage of the medicine life cycle—from research to appropriate use—before, during and after treatment.

We believe it is essential. For science. For patients.


28 medicines available to patients in over 150 countries

Discover our therapeutic areas


To meet the medical needs of patients, we have made oncology one of our priorities.

Discover our therapeutic areas


We help patients fight chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases. It is a commitment we have upheld for over 60 years.

Discover our therapeutic areas


We are involved in neuroscience in order to meet ever-increasing, major medical needs.

Discover our therapeutic areas


We direct our research and development efforts on pathologies with the greatest medical need where very few treatment options currently exist.