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Art in Saclay: When art serves patients and research

The Art in Saclay exhibition opened in June 2024. It bears witness to representations of patients’ voices, experiences and lives, at the very heart of our R&D Institute in Paris-Saclay and within range of researchers. These unprecedented encounters between artists and patients are on display for all to see through the original works that testify to their meeting, as are the works by talented patient-artists, direct expressions of the patient voice.

Patients’ voices by Catherine Cerisey: Listen to the podcast

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Seven original works were produced as a result of unique conversations between seven patients and three established artists: Ulysse Bordarias, Laurent Fontelive and Laurent Laporta. In addition, for this first edition, the selected artworks from patient-artists include four paintings by Ishita Banerjee and six photographs by Valérie Legrand. These creations give full expression to the patient voice. Future exhibitions of works by patient-artists are planned to give audiences the opportunity to discover new talents!

Did you know?

Artists were selected by a jury made up of patients and Servier employees. This is further illustration of our enduring collaborations and the ongoing work with patients on our various projects!

The notion of encounter is the cornerstone of the Art in Saclay exhibition. Heartfelt exchanges between patients and artists have guided the creative process throughout the project. The chemistry between the artist and the patient and the strong emotions shine through, while the qualities that Servier values: listening, caring, and authenticity, are also tangible in the works.

How three artists turned patient testimonials into works of art: Listen to the podcast

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Ulysse Bordarias answers employees’ questions on June 19, 2024, at the Servier R&D Institute in Paris-Saclay