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World Cancer Day: Innovating in oncology to serve patient needs

World Cancer Day is an initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), an organization that brings together over 1,200 member organizations in 170 countries. The theme of the 2024 campaign, which Servier supports, is “Close the Care Gap.”

Did you know?

10 million people die of cancer every year worldwide.
At least a third of the most common cancers are preventable.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide.
65% of cancer-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.


We are driven by patient needs and aim to provide therapeutic innovations in order to develop treatments for hard-to-treat cancers. These include digestive cancers (gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, rare and aggressive biliary tract cancer), gliomas (brain tumors), hematologic cancers (acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, lymphomas), and pediatric cancers.

We are focusing our R&D programs on two approaches: immuno-oncology and targeted therapies.

Our ambition is to be an innovative force in oncology. Our innovation strategy aims to develop new therapeutic options for patients, so that as many people as possible can benefit from them. This year, new therapeutic options in oncology were approved for patients in Europe, the United States and Japan. The promising results of our clinical trials also underscore our commitment to innovation in the fight against rare and aggressive cancers.

Targeting IDH-mutated cancers

Our research and development focus on molecules targeting the IDH mutation in both solid tumors and hematologic cancers.

The aim of these therapies is to block tumor growth or spread. They are designed to target molecular abnormalities or mechanisms responsible for the development or spread of cancer cells.

We currently have a portfolio of seven treatments available to health care professionals and patients, and our major investment in the fight against cancer is reflected by our robust pipeline of 35 oncology R&D projects (as of January 2024).

At Servier, we strongly believe that working with patients at all stages of the medicine’s life cycle leads to better care and solutions to support them throughout their experience. In particular, we are committed to working ever more closely with patients and the patient organizations that represent them, especially in oncology. In 2023, we moved up from No. 7 to No. 2 in the PatientView survey on the reputation of pharmaceutical companies working with oncology patient organizations.

No. 2

Ranked No. 2 out of 23 companies by oncology patient organizations in the 2022 PatientView Report on the reputation of pharmaceutical companies (+5 places from 2021).

This fall, a series of podcasts was launched following a collaboration with the Saclay Research & Development Patient Board. Two patients, Janet and Oriana, talk about their battle with cancer. They describe the roller coaster ride, their worries and their hopes… but also offer practical advice and explain how research contributes to their story. And vice versa.

The Story of Janet

Janet West was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2019 and underwent an eleven-hour operation. The first episode of “The Patient Side of the Story” tells her story and gives a strong, warm and positive account.

Find the podcast in its original version on your favorite platform by clicking here.

Find the podcast in French here.

The Story of Oriana

Oriana was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 22. Thanks to her ingenuity and perseverance — and despite relapses, she is on the path to recovery. Oriana has been in remission for eight years.

Find the podcast in its original version on your favorite platform by clicking here.

Find the podcast in French here.

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