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Poland, India, and Germany: Our teams mobilized for patients!

Poland: a patient organization honors Servier for its commitment

Servier Poland has been awarded the Ewa Borek Leader of Patient Centricity prize by Polish patient organization MY Patients Foundation. This honors the work begun by our teams in preventing cardiovascular diseases, particularly through the Servier for the Heart campaign which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

By emphasizing the good habits and healthy lifestyle to adopt in order to limit risk factors, the campaign is at the center of an educational and preventive project for patients. Thanks to our mobile cardiology clinic, over 50 500 patients across more than 120 Polish towns and cities have also received free preventive tests.

India: promoting therapeutic adherence by listening to patients

On the initiative of the teams at Servier India, patients and doctors took part in a project to improve the therapeutic adherence of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

India accounts for no less than 1/5 of the world’s cardiovascular disease-related deaths, 85% of which following a heart attack or stroke. Between January and August 20231, 400 healthcare professionals answered a questionnaire and in turn sent out an adapted version to 1 000 of their patients. The goal? Identify the barriers to adherence to the prescribed treatment and lifestyle advice, as well as the right levers for improving doctor-patient communication, thereby encouraging patients to take their treatment correctly.

At Servier, we believe that therapeutic adherence is a key lever for improving the efficacy of treatments for the benefit of patients.

Therapeutic adherence: the missing piece to treat chronic diseases: read Arnaud Lallouette’s opinion column, Executive Vice President Global Medical & Patient Affairs at Servier.

Germany: a campaign against depression driven by patients

Servier Germany has launched a communication campaign on social media designed to support depressive patients between appointments with their health care professional. Our teams turned to four influencers, themselves suffering from depression, to test the program and share their thoughts on their Instagram accounts. Between June and September 2023, the campaign was a great success, totaling over 130 000 views by more than 118 000 people, and generating a large volume of traffic to the deprexis website. With the hashtag #depressioncantwait, we have upheld the voice of patients and gathered their needs and opinions. More news to come in May on the next steps of this fine campaign.

To follow the patients on Instagram:

Moritz Wilken @moritz.wilken

Natalie Irber @natalie.irber

Cinzia Malessa @sanfte.seelen

Nora Fieling


“These three initiatives perfectly characterize the willingness of our teams to work with patients every day, side by side, and to co-create “beyond the pill” solutions that really make a difference, in line with our society and our times. Bravo!”

Nicolas Garnier Chief Patient Officer at Servier

1 WHO data source India; CVD-Cardiovascular Disease