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A new world of work

“Quiet quitting” is a trend that is increasingly making waves. But what exactly does it entail? It refers to a situation where a person does not actually quit their job, but gradually disengages with their duties.

Did you know?

A global survey conducted by the Gallup Institute found that people of all ages in the active population are falling out of love to some extent with their job. Only 23% said they felt engaged at work.

In a world shaken by the Covid pandemic, geopolitical and economic uncertainty, as well as disruptive technologies, the reasons causing people to feel disengaged are both numerous and complex. The Gallup survey identified that the phenomenon has intensified because of unmet wage demands, expectations regarding recognition, diversity and inclusion, as well as the desire for increased well-being at work.


The number of HR labels obtained by Servier in 2023, including 22 subsidiaries certified Great Place to Work and 7 certified Top Employer


of employees at Servier feel engaged (up 5% on 2022)*

Employees want a better work/life balance, driving them to turn to remote working and asserting their right to disconnect. At the same time, they value social interactions and the team dynamics in a physical workplace, both essential to stimulate creativity.

They are looking for meaningful work and give great importance to the values championed by their employer. A study conducted by Mercer found that 96% of employees wanted their employer to implement a sustainable development program. They also expressed a need to enhance their employability, seeking to exercise their rights to training and professional mobility.

A “MAP” to Servier 2030!

100% of employees took part in the “MAP” initiative, an interactive experience that enabled managers and their teams to understand and talk about the Servier 2030 strategy. This forum for discussion was greatly appreciated, reflecting our employees top priority—team work!

Given the vast range of employee expectations, businesses are rolling out a great many initiatives to attract and retain talent, which obviously include competitive remuneration policies, but also can involve covering tuition fees and implementing skills development programs.

They are also investing in actions that improve quality of life at work, such as quality catering services, flexible working hours, and environmentally friendly offices boasting a range of services, including gardens, break rooms, nursing rooms, silent spaces for people with autism, and music rooms. Businesses are working overtime to address quiet quitting. Time will tell if they are triumphant.

Did you know?

In March 2023, Servier launched “She is Servier”, an international leadership network made up of both men and women to support the female leaders of today and tomorrow within the Group. The network organizes conferences, mentoring schemes, training sessions and networking events to help women unlock their potential. By 2025, Servier is aiming to grow the proportion of women in top management positions to 40%.

Meet Selena Bouffette, PhD student and researcher at Servier. Selena was one of the winners of the Seedpods Day, which brought together PhD and post-doctoral students working at Servier or in one of our partner labs. They had to present their research project in front of an audience of experts from the private and public sectors as well as from academia.


“At Servier, I’m working on systemic scleroderma, a rare autoimmune diseases that primarily affects middle-aged women, leaving them with an estimated 11 years to live on average. There is currently no treatment to cure the disease. Servier is committed to combating rare diseases. My job is to try to understand how the disease works by analyzing samples from patients. The idea is to assess potentially promising drug candidates to treat systemic scleroderma. What I really like about my job is that it is useful and practical. And most importantly, what we do brings hope to patients.”

Selena Bouffette PhD student and researcher at Servier

Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award highlights organizations that integrate employee engagement into the heart of their strategy and corporate culture. We are the first French company to obtain this distinction. The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award places us among the companies with the highest level of employee engagement, 11 times higher than the global average. Above all, it embodies and rewards the daily involvement of each and everyone in the service of our vocation: being committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs.

Source: Annual engagement survey conducted with Gallup, an independent analytics firm – 2023 results