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2021/2022 Integrated Annual Report

2030 ambition

A new ambition for 2030

Our world is changing rapidly, which means we need to be proactive and agile. Building on the visible results produced by the transformation initiated in 2015, we set out our ambition for 2030: Servier 2030.

Behind Servier 2030

The strategy we defined for the period through to 2030 is both realistic and bold. It addresses the health challenges of today and tomorrow and fulfils our vocation as a Group committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs.

Despite progress made in recent years, there are still too many unmet medical needs. Cancer is ever-more prevalent and cardiometabolic diseases still represent a major cause of death around the world. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry, along with other industries, is under pressure given the current geopolitical situation and rising costs, along with heightened competition.

As such, it is essential that Servier strongly reasserts its positioning, contribution and ambition.

Our transformation

A solid pathway to achieve our targets for 2025

In 2015, we initiated a transformation process to lastingly improve our performance and guarantee the long-term success of our unique governance model.

This approach encourages us to regularly fine-tune our strategy so as to take account of the changes in our industry as well as any opportunities that arise while never losing sight of our vocation.

Our strategy

A model for value creation that drives social, therapeutic and economic performance

Servier’s value creation model defines how it leverages its resources and network to create value and contribute to therapeutic progress to meet patient needs.

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Taking our patient focus even further

At Servier, patients and patient organizations are at the heart of the health care journey, at every stage of the medicine life cycle, right from the beginning of the research and development stage. We value their opinion and contribution, as we believe their knowledge of their illness and treatment is essential to further research and innovation as well as to improve therapeutic solutions and health care.


Bringing all employees on board with the Group’s transformation

Servier’s people are key to the long-term success of the Group. That is why we believe it important to bring all our employees on board with the transformation process underway. To attract, develop and retain the best talent, we endeavor to boost engagement and constantly enrich the employee experience.


labels obtained in 2022, including 34 subsidiaries certified Great Place to Work, 1 Happy Trainees and 7 Top Employer


Objective for Servier entities to earn an HR label in 2030


overall engagement score among Servier Group employees in 20221

(1) Annual engagement survey conducted with the Gallup Institute


Minimizing our environmental impact

We go to great lengths to reduce our impact on the environment and help combat climate change. Our efforts concern all aspects of our operations and include in particular applying an ecodesign approach to our medicine, moving our supply chain to a more low-carbon model, and preserving biodiversity at all our sites.


Objective to cut greenhouse gas emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3 in 2030 (compared with 2015/2016)


Objective for ISO 50001 certification across our industrial and R&D facilities in 2030

Contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Download the 2021/2022 Integrated Annual Report

Download the 2021/2022 Integrated Annual Report