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Driving trust and performance through ethics and compliance

Compliance guides everything we do and the way we do it, day in, day out. Further to complying with legislation, regulations and other industry codes, we endeavor to regularly consolidate our compliance system by allocating ever-more resources and means, strengthening our anti-corruption system and integrating compliance in our risk management strategy.

The Servier compliance policy encourages all employees to behave in an exemplary manner. It enables us to achieve our strategic objectives with integrity.

Two fundamental reference documents

All Servier Group employees pledge to uphold compliance day in, day out by following the Code of Conduct, a reference guide developed as part of the Group’s Ethics Charter. An ethics hotline also allows anyone to express their concerns and inform the Ethics Bureau of any serious failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or the Ethics Charter.


Ethics Charter

Ethics involve thought and action. In our Ethical Charter we have united the principles that guide our ways of being and doing in relation to those with whom we interact.


Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct forms part of Servier’s Ethical Charter. It defines the guidelines common to the Servier Group and applicable to all employees and all persons working for Servier or in its name.


Ethics hotline

Employees can communicate concerns of ethical nature through Servier’s Ethics Line.

Transparency with stakeholders

Our ethical commitment extends to our partners, where the risk of corruption and reputation harm is systematically assessed. Furthermore, we engage in transparent, honest and regular dialogue with our stakeholders in the health sector. We do this, first and foremost for patients, because improving care and quality of life remains our guiding light. We are also on the front line when it comes to driving change and progress in our industry.

A set of guidelines to structure responsible relationships with our stakeholders was drawn up in order to keep such activities in check. These guidelines apply to all Servier employees and third parties that represent the Group, in every country in which it operates.

Our commitment to transparency

Healthcare professionals and companies are working together to improve patient access to new therapeutic solutions. This collaboration covers a very broad field. For the Servier Group, it can involve, for example:

  • Defining its future research programs, thanks to the expertise of healthcare professionals, by better identifying patients’ needs.
  • Better understand the use of a drug in real-life conditions in order to adjust the medical information concerning it.

In order to contribute to a better understanding of partnerships with the medical community and their necessity, pharmaceutical companies, in compliance with applicable codes (EFPIA, IFPMA), have committed to publish their interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations, as well as patient organizations.

By clicking on the link below, you will find access to the information declared by Servier, in accordance with the applicable transparency regulations.

More information on the EFPIA Disclosure Code can be found on the European website