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Servier, committed in the fight against childhood cancers

Every year, during September, numerous awareness initiatives about different forms of pediatrics cancers, are organized all around the world. The “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month”, also known as “September in Gold” is the occasion for Servier to remind its commitment in the fight against cancers, especially leukemia, hand in hand with the patients and their families.

Once again, Servier takes part during the “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” by answering to the international call, lead by several pediatrics cancer control organizations, including “Childhood Cancer International Europe”, in which Servier has been a partner since 2020. The main goal of “September in Gold”, symbolized by a gold ribbon, is to mobilize as many donors as possible and appeal to their generosity in order to support research, young patients and their family.

At the same time, Servier has given its support last 4th of September, to the worldwide awareness leukemia day ( lead by numerous patients’ coalitions.  The issue is to raise awareness among the audience about the importance to recognize the signs and symptoms of leukemia (shortness of breath, bones-ache, repeated infections, bleedings…) in order to encourage early diagnosis, to increase the rate of healing and to upgrade the quality of patients’ life.

Leukemia is the most often diagnosed cancer among children under 15 years old, in which the most common form is the acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This malignant rare hemopathy, affecting the bone marrow, represents 80 % of leukemia childhood cases.  These past years, the handling of ALL has considerably upgraded. The survival rates event-free for 5 years or more, is currently over 80% for the children.

Today, the priority should be put into research in order to increase the survival rates and to reduce the treatment’s effects.

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Did you know?

Committed to fighting cancer, the Group intends to dedicate 50% of its global R&D budget to researching cancer treatments (besides generic medicine activities).