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Oncology: Servier collaborates to create innovative application for researchers

Servier is partnering with French start-up Epigene Labs to launch an artificial intelligence-based application that prioritizes new cancer drug targets. The goal is to find the best therapeutic strategy for cancer patients.

The app will be deployed within Servier R&D in the first quarter of 2022.

Founded in January 2019, French startup Epigene Labs has developed the mCUBE platform that allows researchers to cross-analyze clinical and molecular data through a suite of dynamic dashboards, accelerating the decision-making process in the early phases of oncology R&D projects.

To meet the growing need for therapeutic solutions, Servier is making oncology one of its top priorities, devoting more than 50% of its R&D budget to it in 2020/2021.

As a company committed to improving patient health, the Group’s ambition is to be a player in the development of innovative cancer treatments by initiating therapeutic progress where the need is greatest.