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Depression: Servier strengthens its collaboration with the patient association GAMIAN-Europe

To better understand patients, therefore better support them, Servier aims to work with them at each stage of the drug life cycle. Thus, Servier has been collaborating with the GAMIAN-Europe organization since 2018. This past year, two patient workshops resulted in the co-creation of two brochures on the symptoms and treatment of depression.

GAMIAN-Europe is a pan-European organization that brings together more than 60 patient associations representing and advocating for the interests and rights of people with mental illness.

Depression affects nearly 280 million1 people worldwide and impacts their lives, habits and behavior at various degrees. Sadness, a marked decrease in interest and pleasure, changes in weight or appetite, sleeping disorders, lack of energy, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, suicidal thoughts… are all symptoms of depression.Understanding depression: read the insight

In an effort to control the effects of depression and improve the quality of life of depressed people, Servier and GAMIAN-Europe have brought together representatives of the association to discuss the management of depression and anxiety in two workshops:

  • A first workshop on starting and monitoring treatment;
  • A second workshop on anxiety in depression.
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These workshops allowed open discussion, sincere listening and interactions between the participants who could co-create two brochures with recommendations based on their experiences:

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“The fact that you give a voice to people who experience it themselves is just wonderful. Because these are the people you never hear in big debates.” says Yammie, a patient.

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