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BiodiverCity® Label: Servier R&D Institute at Paris-Saclay, an Example to Follow

BiodiverCity® is the first international label to recognize biodiversity in real estate projects that integrate and value nature, vegetation, and living organisms. On March 8th, the IBPC (International Biodiversity Property Council), which established the BiodiverCity® standards, confirmed the excellence of our R&D Institute in Paris-Saclay in terms of ecology and sustainable construction.

From its eco-responsible architecture that blends into the existing ecosystem to the best practices deployed to optimize the ecological potential of the site, everything has been designed to preserve nature sustainably and live in harmony with it.

The outdoor spaces – 9,000 m² of green roofs, 5,000 m² of ground-level gardens, 100 m² of collaborative vegetable gardens – were developed according to the recommendations of an ecologist, as exemplary living spaces to welcome living organisms.

Climbing plants, dense hedges and groves, forest and fruit trees, nectar-producing flowers… At least 95% of the selected plants are local species beneficial to the fauna of the Saclay plateau. These green areas form a mosaic of habitats for common species, as well as protected, threatened, or rare species recorded on and around the site, such as the Yellow Wagtail, the stag beetle, and the common pipistrelle bat.

The diversity of plant environments, the presence of wetlands, and the installation of refuge areas (nesting boxes, insect hotels, shelters for hedgehogs and squirrels) simultaneously promote biodiversity. Bird visits since the green spaces were established have increased!

Moreover, the measures implemented to maintain these spaces – drip irrigation, selective mowing, mulching, composting, “zero pesticide” maintenance – will contribute to the sustainable protection of biodiversity.

Furthermore, the enhancement of living organisms also benefits the employees on site. The gardens include outdoor seating where they can relax while listening to birdsong.

Those who wish can also gather in the vegetable garden to grow vegetables, exchange seeds, participate in a workshop with an ecologist, or simply deepen their knowledge of fauna and flora through informational panels installed all around!

Obtaining the BiodiverCity® label aligns with our Group’s CSR strategy, which aims to reduce the impact of our activities on the planet at every stage of the medicines’ life cycle. It is another demonstration of our high ambition in terms of biodiversity.

Committed to protecting biodiversity for many years, Servier joined the Act4Nature International initiative in 2021, driven by companies acting for the environment.

We adhere to the ten commitments defined by Act4Nature International and add our own commitments:

  • Evaluate and reduce the impact of our products and sites on biodiversity;
  • Reduce the impact of sites on biodiversity;
  • Raise awareness and develop internal skills on biodiversity issues;
  • Participate in biodiversity protection projects.

Biodiversity is an integral part of our global CSR strategy! A model of exemplary conduct, the Paris-Saclay R&D Institute is our first site to be certified BiodiverCity®.

100 %

By 2030, 100% of our French sites will be certified BiodiverCity® Life or equivalent.

Learn more about our commitment for the planet

Learn more about our commitment for the planet