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  • The President directs and represents the foundation in its dealings with third parties.
  • The executive committee is composed of the President of the foundation and Vice-Presidents of the foundation board. The executive committee of the FIRS foundation and the executive commitee of Servier SAS, the holding company of the group, comprise the same members.

The President submits the main points of the general policy of the group and the considered strategic operations to the executive committee for their approval.

The members of the executive committee are:

President: Olivier LAUREAU

Executive Vice-Presidents: Claude BERTRAND, Béatrice BIHR, Nicolas BOUTS, Pascal BRIERE, Philippe GONNARD, Siham IMANI, Pascal LEMAIRE, Frédéric SESINI, Pierre VENESQUE.

The health crisis has further bolstered our efforts to drive therapeutic progress.

OLIVIER LAUREAU, President of Servier

First and foremost, my thoughts go to the people who have contracted Covid-19 and their families. But we also can’t forget patients with other health issues, who have been affected indirectly but no less seriously, having to wait to be screened and treated.

Accelerating therapeutic innovation

CLAUDE BERTRAND, Executive Vice President Research & Development

To achieve the objectives the Group has set for 2025, R&D has developed an initial three-year action plan that focuses on three core activities…

BEATRICE BIHR, Executive Vice President General Secretariat

Béatrice Bihr joined the Executive Committee as the Executive Vice President – Secretary General as of April 1, 2021.

Nurturing engagement

NICOLAS BOUTS, Executive Vice President Human Resources

In the midst of an unprecedented global crisis, we were able to count on the unwavering motivation and mobilization of all the teams…

Generic medicines, an opportunity for health care systems and an asset for Servier

PASCAL BRIERE, Executive Vice President for Group Generic Activities

The Covid-19 pandemic proved the agility and resilience of our employees and production systems…

Acting for and with patients

PHILIPPE GONNARD, Executive Vice President Global Medical & Patient Affairs

In 2020, our efforts to listen, advise and prevent proved more important than ever…

Ambitious strategic objectives for 2025

SIHAM IMANI, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy

The Covid-19 crisis has served to demonstrate just how important agility and the ability to reinvent ourselves are if we are to tackle unforeseen events…

Results in line with our expectations

PASCAL LEMAIRE, Executive Vice President Finance

The results from 2019-2020 are solid and in line with our objectives, with revenue of €4.7 billion—up 1.6% at real exchange rates on the previous year.

A solid geographic footprint, building proximity with patients

FRÉDÉRIC SESINI, Executive Vice President World Operations

The pandemic caused our teams all over the world to go into lockdown, starting in Asia and specifically China…

Preparing production facilities of tomorrow

PIERRE VENESQUE, Executive Vice President Industry

Across all facilities in every country in which we operate, our teams once again showed their commitment to serving patients…

  • The other members of the foundation board must be consulted by the President of the foundation regarding the main points of the group’s general policy.

The other members of the foundation board are:

Patricia LAFAIX


The term of office for members of the foundation board is 10 years.
The term of office for the President and Vice-Presidents is 5 years.

When their term of office ends:

  • outgoing members of the foundation council can be re-elected by their co-members. The President of the foundation can also appoint new members.
  • the outgoing President can be re-elected by the foundation board members. Otherwise, the members of the foundation board can elect a new President.
  • the outgoing Vice-Presidents can be re-elected by the foundation board members. The President of the foundation can also appoint new Vice-Presidents.