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Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar

Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Transformation

Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar has over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in France and Singapore. She began her career at Servier in 2006, as Global Competitive Project Manager, where her duties included marketing and strategic intelligence. She then joined Servier’s Singapore subsidiary in 2011, where she held operational positions on the marketing and sales teams.

In 2015, Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar was appointed Strategic Forecasting Director, in charge of R&D and business development projects and steering the 10-year strategic plan. She then joined the Corporate Strategy Department in 2017, where she successively held the positions of Strategic Projects Director, then Corporate Strategic Planning Director. In 2021, Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar was appointed Head of Group Transformation & Programs Office. Since 2019, she has also been Secretary of the Servier Group Executive Committee.

In February 2024, Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar became Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Transformation. She is particularly responsible for steering the Group’s global strategy and coordinates all its transformation projects. In addition, she is a member of the Liaison Committee, whose role is to assist the Supervisory Board in fulfilling its mission of monitoring the Servier Group’s independence and sustainability.

Charlotte Marmousez-Tartar holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the Université de Lille 2 Sciences et Technologie. She also holds a master’s degree in marketing Intelligence from HEC Paris.