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We are revolutionizing the way eye conditions are treated.

We are a clinical-stage genomic medicines company leading a step shift in how ocular diseases are treated. We moved into the Spartners incubator in October 2023, and the support (logistics, procurement, authorizations, equipment training and storage) from the teams at Biolabs and Servier meant we were able to conduct our first experiments very soon after. We are already reaping the benefits from the equipment and infrastructure here. Right from the word go, interactions with the Servier platforms and experts will enable us to pick up the pace of progress on our projects.

Fabien DORANGE Director of Analytical Science, SparingVision

≃ 70

PhD and post-doctoral students working in our R&D centers and partner laboratories across 10 countries in 2022-2023

> 70

scientific partnerships and collaborations throughout the world in 2022-2023

The strategic importance of supply chain continuity

The current geopolitical tensions have exposed the fragility of supply chains. While progress has been made, there is still a long way to go to guard against the risks of disruption and shortages.

View from the field
We are transforming the Group’s distribution model.

Eco Distribution is our strategic program designed to transform the Group’s distribution model by adapting our logistics network by setting up regional platforms. These regional distribution platforms accompany the evolution of our commercial operations and our portfolio of medicines, while also enhancing the service provided to patients throughout the global supply chain. As such, we will be able to make our medicines available more quickly by locating stocks as close as possible to patients. The program will also help to cut our carbon footprint by prioritizing sea freight or road transport over air freight.

Romain DE ROECK Director of the Eco Distribution program

Servier in action


of the Group’s intercontinental shipments in 2022/2023 went by sea


of the Group’s intercontinental shipments in 2022/2023 went by air

For a stronger industry

Servier decided to build two new production units to produce the active ingredient for its medicine used to treat venous insufficiency and hemorrhoid flare-ups. The first unit, where construction began in 2021 at the Oril Industrie facility in northern France, will become operational in 2024. The second factory, based at the Egis facility in Hungary, will be operational by January 2025. The two sites will serve to double production capacity, thereby safeguarding supply.

The age of augmented research

Health care is one of the areas in which the AI revolution will have the greatest impact, making it possible to exploit massive volumes of data and wield more computational power than ever before. And the revolution is only just beginning.

View from the field
Our Gemini digital twins open the door to revolutionary discoveries in oncology.

Through our Gemini Digital Twins, combining the wealth of multi-omic patient data and the power of causal artificial intelligence, our ambition is to discover breakthrough therapeutic solutions, much faster than before. This technology paves the way for revolutionary discoveries, which will enable us to unravel the hidden biological mechanisms of diseases and accelerate the discovery of life-saving therapeutics to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

Colin HILL CEO and co-founder of Aitia

Servier in action

Patrimony, Servier’s very-own AI platform

Used in the exploratory phase, the Patrimony platform launched in 2018 helps researchers identify key drug targets for the pathologies on which we work. Patrimony achieved its first success as part of a study profiling patients with various autoimmune diseases, identifying and ranking several innovative drug targets. This led onto a medicine development project in 2021.

Download the 2022-2023 Integrated Annual Report

Download the 2022-2023 Integrated Annual Report