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At Servier, we empower patients to play an active role in their own health.

Servier values patient organizations opinion and contribution, as we believe their knowledge of their illness and treatment is essential to further research and innovation as well as to improve therapeutic solutions and health care. This dialogue is fundamental. Therefore Servier teams pursue several initiatives to work with patient organizations on real-world issues people face, from diagnosis to properly following treatment.

Working with patient organizations means we may engage patient organization representatives. Servier compensates their time and expenses according to local laws and regulations on a fair market value (FMV) basis, following an established process and methodology.

Patient Organization may also seek support from Servier or partner / collaborate on specific projects where Servier provides financial support for the project.

Our work with patient organizations fully complies with the EFPIA Code of practice, EFPIA guidelines and other industry codes in particular the IFPMA Note for Guidance on Patient and Patient Organization Interactions.

Servier discloses monetary and non-monetary support to patient organizations around the globe to support its ethical and transparent relationships with patient organizations

This publication has been prepared in accordance with the Patient Organization methodological note.