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World Cancer Day: mobilize today, act for tomorrow

Today is World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day takes place on February 4 each year. Organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), this is a unique initiative, under which a large number of actors – researchers, public authorities, associations and others – commit to raise awareness about cancer in a positive and inspiring way. This year will be the first time the Servier Group has been actively involved, by communicating information and prevention messages to all its employees for a week. “This initiative underlines Servier’s determination to join the ranks of key players in oncology,” explains Dr Marion Schrenk, director of the Oncology treatment area at Servier. It comes at a key point in the development of the Group, which is involved in a wide range of research fields and which has had one clear goal in oncology since 2015: transforming the latest scientific advances into treatments for patients.

Rapid advances

We have achieved great things in the last three years: developing a strategy focusing on two main areas (hematology and solid tumors), building a large central team, creating a dedicated structure in around 40 subsidiaries and working with our partners to produce treatments to provide tangible responses to needs that have not been met until now. At the same time, we are pursuing our own research efforts, with the aim of producing concrete solutions by 2023 in hematology and 2025 for solid tumors.

New horizons

For the moment, the Group is concentrating on acquiring new licenses in both areas, and on researching mechanisms that will help to strengthen the Group’s presence in the oncology sector in the United States and Japan. With these long-term commitments and awareness-raising initiatives to mark World Cancer Day, we are seeking a tangible expression of our strategic vision for oncology, which aims to bring the promise of life to people affected by cancer, by dedicating everything we are into innovative therapeutic solutions. For today and tomorrow.