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Therapeutic adherence: a new campaign to build awareness launched by Servier in Italy

In partnership with the Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention (SIPREC), the Affetti Desiderati campaign provides patients with access to a range of educational materials that highlight the importance of therapeutic adherence for treating cardiovascular diseases. The objective is to build awareness among the general public and health care professionals on how important it is for patients to correctly follow their prescribed treatment to improve their quality of life.

Did you know?

Treatment adherence is a major public health issue. According to the WHO, less than 50% of patients around the world follow their prescribed treatment correctly1. This issue has a particular impact on patients with chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, which involve lifelong treatments.

This innovative campaign aims to further reinforce patient understanding and engagement in relation to their treatment, helping improve their health and their quality of life. The campaign uses an original metaphor, presenting therapeutic adherence to treatment as a love story.

Servier Italy and the Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention (SIPREC) are demonstrating their determination to combat non-adherence and promote better cardiovascular health for all.

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