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Specifica Announces Antibody Discovery Platform Transfer Agreement with Servier and its Subsidiary Symphogen

Specifica Announces Antibody Discovery Platform Transfer Agreement with Servier and its Subsidiary Symphogen

SANTA FE, N.M. –March 29th– Specifica, a Q2 Solutions company focused on innovative in vitro antibody libraries and discovery tools, today announced an agreement with the global pharmaceutical group Servier and Symphogen A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark), Servier’s wholly-owned subsidiary and the Group antibody center of excellence, under which Specifica will provide its Generation 3 antibody libraries and associated optimization and computational tools to Symphogen. The comprehensive technology transfer package will enable the integration of Specifica’s Gen 3 platform into Symphogen’s antibody discovery programs.

“We are excited to enhance our antibody discovery capabilities by on-boarding Specifica’s Generation 3 phage display platform. The Specifica’s advanced platform will contribute to the development of drugs in particular in oncology, neuroscience and immune-inflammation which are among Servier’s foremost priorities.”

Christophe Thurieau, Global head of Research at Servier

Specifica’s Gen 3 libraries combine clinically validated antibody frameworks with compatible binding loop sequences (CDRs) from natural human antibodies that have been purged of sequence-based developability liabilities. The Gen 3 discovery platform consistently yields a broad diversity of specific and developable antibodies with very high affinities, thereby avoiding downstream hit-to-lead optimization bottlenecks such as affinity maturation and developability optimization.

We are delighted to partner with Symphogen’s dynamic antibody discovery team by providing our complete antibody discovery platform, including our Gen 3 library technology, antibody optimization solutions and integrated discovery tools. We look forward to exciting new therapeutics emerging from our collaboration with Symphogen’s highly accomplished immunotherapeutics team.”

Ken Sharples, CEO and co-founder of Specifica