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Servier’s response to the war in Ukraine (as of 19/04/22)

Servier is deeply saddened by the loss of life and destruction caused by the war in Ukraine. Servier condemns this war and calls for a prompt return to peace. All our thoughts go out to those affected by this brutal and tragic situation, starting with our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

As a company dedicated to saving and improving lives, Servier has a unique humanitarian responsibility to ensure that essential medicines remain available to patients wherever they are.

With regard to the quickly-evolving situation and in accordance with international sanctions, we have made the following decisions:

  • We are suspending any expenditures not related to our medicines, which are necessary for meeting patients’ essential needs in Russia and Belarus.
  • We are suspending the start of new clinical trials in Russia and Belarus, as well as recruitment of new patients for ongoing trials. We nevertheless commit to continuing to provide the necessary therapeutic units to patients previously enrolled in clinical trials.
  • We are suspending any new investments in Russia and Belarus.
  • We will donate an amount equivalent to the profits of our subsidiary in Russia this year to support humanitarian action in Ukraine.

In addition, in line with the Servier Group’s mission and values:

  • We are offering support to our employees in Ukraine and to those who have made the difficult decision to leave the country. Many Servier employees are working to ensure the safety and well-being of their Ukrainian colleagues and their families in any way possible, including offering solutions for housing.
  • We are doing everything we can to contribute to humanitarian aid intended for the Ukrainian population. The Servier Group has already made donations of medicines and emergency kits, and has made financial donations, for a total amount that exceeds €1.5 million to date.
  • We have also created a fund for our employees around the world so that they may contribute to relieving suffering in Ukraine via voluntary charitable donations. Servier matches all employee donations by applying the 1:1 rule whereby 1 euro given by an employee = 1 euro paid by the Group.

It is our hope that the war in Ukraine and the suffering of the Ukrainian population will soon come to an end.