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Servier has launched its first large-scale socio-economic impact study in 18 countries among the ones where the Group operates.

Objective: to calculate our socio-economic footprint (jobs supported, contribution to GDP, taxation, etc.), in order to highlight our territorial anchoring and our value creation. It will also enable us to identify ways to reinforce this value creation.

For this project led by the CSR and European Affairs department, the Group called on the expertise of Utopies, a consultancy agency, and their tools and methodologies recognized as Local Footprint®.

Why is Servier measuring its socio-economic impact?

  • To become aware of the Group’s extended responsibility
  • To measure and value the economic and social value created by our activities
  • To enhance the positive impacts for our stakeholders
  • To continue to rethink and optimize our socio-economic model over the long term

How is the Local Footprint ® study conducted?

The aim is to measure the real impact of the Group’s activities in the regions where it operates.

Indeed, each company, project or financing generates spin-offs in the local economic fabric:

  • by supporting jobs and creating wealth;
  • by making purchases from local suppliers;
  • by contributing to the tax system.

Evaluating this “socio-economic footprint” makes it possible to assess the economic and social weight of an activity at different geographical scales (regions, countries, world, etc.).


jobs supported by Servier

In the 18 countries studied, 215,731 jobs are supported by the Group, of which 16,781 are direct jobs (i.e. a job multiplier coefficient of 12.9) and 7.1 billion euros of GDP are generated.

“These results reflect our culture and our strategy for establishing a presence in a country or region: a long-term commitment and a presence that is built for the long term and based on a relationship of trust with local partners. For example, we have been present in Spain for more than 60 years and in Brazil and China for more than 40 years.”

Vincent Minvielle, Group CSR Director
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