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Servier launches a new public campaign to raise awareness on angina

Servier, with World Heart Federation, the principal representative body for the global cardiovascular (CV) community, and Global Heart Hub, the principal association for patients with CV disease, launch “Use Heart to Act Now on Angina” on April 20.

This worldwide campaign aims to raise public awareness about the symptoms of angina, which are often underestimated.

More than 100 million people globally are affected and the huge impact of angina on the quality of life of patients includes consequences such as disability, job loss and depression. As angina manifests in a variety of ways, the symptoms may be hard to recognize, and risk being attributed to stress, menopause, or digestive issues.

The incidence and prevalence of patients with angina is expected to increase in the coming decade as a result of an aging population, the obesity epidemic, the greater use of life-prolonging therapies, and better management of acute coronary syndromes.

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The campaign’s goal is to facilitate timely detection of angina patients and implement optimal angina management. Angina patients often remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. It is essential for early warning signs to be recognized in time by both health professionals and patients alike.


“During the COVID-19 pandemic, an excess mortality resulting from cardiovascular diseases has been reported. As a health actor deeply involved in cardiovascular diseases, this crisis has reinforced our responsibility in providing relevant medical education for the management of these conditions, such as angina. Servier’s participation in this awareness initiative, conducted with the World Heart Federation and the Global Herat Hub, shows the Group’s strong mobilization to improve the lives of patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases.”

Samuele Doratori, Head of Cardiovascular, Global Medical and Patient Affairs at Servier

43% of angina patients remain underrecognized

Available in six languages (Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and English), “Use Heart to Act Now on Angina” will be deployed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram throughout April to September 2021.

Poster of the Use Heart To Act Now On Angina campaign