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Servier commits to the preservation of forests with Planète Urgence

The Group is strengthening its commitment to biodiversity by supporting the emblematic operation of the NGO Planète Urgence: ”1 € = 1 tree planted”, thanks to an endowment from Mécénat Servier.

Since 2018, Mécénat Servier has been a partner of the NGO Planète Urgence for its Congé Solidaire® program. Each year, this initiative enables Group employees to carry out a two-week international solidarity mission during their vacations. In July 2021, the Group will allocate €102,674.96, via the Charity Fund, to two projects of the Environment & Development program of Planète Urgence for the preservation of forests:

The MERCI project in Indonesia will consist of restoring the mangrove in and around the Ujung Kulon national park. This will help preserve the habitat of the last remaining Javanese rhinos while strengthening the resilience of local communities.

The TAPIA project in Madagascar aims to reduce human pressure on the tapia forest while addressing the firewood needs of local communities. This initiative will provide additional income through the reforestation of various species and the development of sustainable production of wild silkworms and honey.

These two initiatives will provide an adapted local response to the pressures on fragile forest ecosystems.

This biodiversity operation will represent an average of 4 trees planted per Group employee.

Did you know?

11 million trees have been planted thanks to the partners and donors of Planète Urgence.