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Servier is collaborating with GAMIAN-Europe to support people with depression

As patients have always been the central focus of Servier, it is more essential than ever to continue to involve them in the actions of the Group to better understand their needs and thus better support and care for them.

Fully focused on this mission, Servier has collaborated with GAMIAN-Europe to co-create two brochures for people with depression.

GAMIAN-Europe is a patient-driven pan-European organization bringing together more than 60 patient associations representing and advocating the interests and rights of persons affected by mental health illness.

Depression affects more than 264 million people worldwide and leads to consequences which have varying degrees of impact on their lives, routines, and behavior: sadness, diminished interest or pleasure, problems eating or sleeping, lack of energy, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, or even thoughts about death… which are all symptoms of this illness.

In an effort to curb the effects and improve the quality of life of people with depression, Servier and GAMIAN-Europe organized, in July 2019, a workshop with 11 patients and patient representatives from across Europe.

Exchanges with these participants have provided a better understanding of unmet needs in depression and identified solutions to improve their daily life. Among them: the need to provide them with relevant information right from diagnosis, to support them in shared decision-making with regard to the choice of treatment and guide them through practical examples to help them in their daily life with depression.

“Once you start doing the tips and start a healthy lifestyle, you notice a benefit”, confirmed one participant.

Materials designed with and for patient

From this workshop, two brochures have been co-created with patients and patient representatives: “Take care and be kind to yourself” and “A guide to depression and its treatment. These brochures provide practical solutions to move forward one day at a time on the path to recovery: building a routine, managing stress, sleeping, eating healthily, being active, etc.

These materials can be valuable for people with depression and can increase the understanding of depression among family and caregivers as well as facilitate the relationship between the patient and the health care professional.

Discover “Take care and be kind to yourself”

Discover “A guide to depression and its treatment”

Understanding depression

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