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Sardona Therapeutics, winner of the Servier Spark Award

Servier and MBC Biolabs awarded the Servier Spark Award* June 2021 to Sardona Therapeutics, a biotech that develops small molecules blocking the interaction between an RNA-binding protein and its target RNAs. This award will allow Sardona Therapeutics to continue developing its preclinical program in oncology, in indications such as triple negative breast cancer.

Sardona Therapeutics develops small molecules targeting an original signaling pathway to block the proliferation of cancer cells harboring a combination of biomarkers. The indications targeted by this approach are in particular hard-to-treat tumors and resistant to standard treatments, such as triple negative breast cancer or glioblastoma.

The biotech’s research work is aligned with Servier’s commitment to support innovation in Oncology:

“Sardona Therapeutics’ approach corresponds to what Servier wishes to encourage in terms of innovation. It matches with Servier’s strategy in Oncology, which notably involves the discovery of new signaling pathways to treat hard-to-treat tumors.”

Olivier Nosjean, Head of Open Innovation and Scientific Affairs at Servier

*The Spark Award (also known as Golden Ticket) is part of Servier’s sponsorship with MBC Biolabs. This award allows the winning start-up to have access to MBC Biolabs’ facilities, by covering the operating costs of a researcher for one year, thus giving the wining biotech the means to focus all its efforts on their scientific development. This prize is also intended to forge links between the winning biotech and Servier’s research teams, by opening a scientific dialogue.