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Saclay-Boston Biotech Masterclass Season 2: 7 French start-up are going all-in to discover the paragon of US HealthTech!

Following on from a successful first Masterclass week in April 2022, Servier and BioLabs will once again sponsor promising French health care and life science start-up on a trip to Boston. From November 7-11, these companies will have the chance to learn more about one of world’s most innovative biotech ecosystems.

The Saclay-Boston Biotech Masterclass is a custom-built program created on Servier’s initiative and organized by BioLabs, the developer and operator of high-end coworking labs in the US and Europe.

A unique chance to discover the Boston ecosystem

Home to the first BioLabs site, Boston remains the paragon of the global biotechnology industry, acknowledged worldwide for its academic excellence and thriving start-up ecosystem.

For the second edition of masterclasses in November, seven French gems will be making the trip. Over the course of five days, they will garner advice and support for their future development, right from the heart of the Boston innovation ecosystem. The schedule is replete with workshops, coaching sessions, and specially-arranged B2B meetings. In addition to valuable time spent investing in each company, the program also includes visits to key sites like LabCentral, Amgen, BioLabs Tufts Launchpad.

The program is rich in information, with conferences on how to pitch your project to American investors and how to develop your business in the United States from France; roundtables will be held on topics such as establishing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Training sessions are offered to further enhance the trip.

Two networking evenings are planned at the Consulate, in the presence of Olivier Laureau, President of Servier, and at the French Cultural Center, with influential players from the French ecosystem in attendance.

These events will be an opportunity to meet potential mentors, partners, investors and sponsors, and to exchange with Servier’s External Innovation team and active members of the Boston biotech community. All in all, it’s a unique opportunity for these start-up to share their experiences, broaden their networks, and learn from the best in the business!

Once back in France, start-ups who wish to continue the adventure can apply to join the “Spartners” incubator by Servier and BioLabs, which will be headquartered at the future Servier Research and Development Institute in Paris-Saclay, set to open its doors in 2023. Paris-Saclay is a research-intensive center of excellence that will soon accommodate nearly 25% of all French scientific research. Through its new Institute and integrated incubator, Servier will be able to develop a more agile, open and patient-centric form of R&D. The underlying goal is to accelerate discovery of innovative therapeutic solutions in response to unmet medical needs.

Learn more about the Servier Research and Development Institute in Paris-Saclay

The 7 French biotech companies selected for the second edition of the Saclay-Boston Biotech Masterclass

  • Aqemia is a next-generation pharmaceutical company whose innovative simulation platform, based on quantum physics and machine learning, facilitates the large-scale discovery of breakthrough drug candidates, particularly in oncology and immuno-oncology.
  • Specialized in biodetection, Kimialys provides today’s diagnostics market with an innovative, patented solution in the form of unique surface chemistry based on gold nanoparticles, which improves the reliability of rapid diagnostic tests.
  • Through the use of acoustic waves, Kolibri is revolutionizing biomanufacturing through solutions that combine the large-scale culture of essential fragile cells with the production of gene therapies.
  • Combining cell biology, statistics and personalized medicine, Orakl develops biological tumor avatars for cancer patients to test different anti-cancer therapies upstream, and consequently provide better guidance for their treatment.
  • Qubit Pharmaceuticals accelerates the discovery of new drug candidates using an innovative simulation and modeling software platform that draws on the computational power of quantum physics to study interactions between molecules.
  • Based on its multidisciplinary and integrated approaches, Vibiosphen offers support for pre-clinical studies design to develop innovative solutions for fighting infectious diseases, new therapeutic strategies for priority pathogens, and new antibiotics.
  • Brenus Pharma develops a unique allogeneic platform based on STC (Stimulated Tumor Cells) technology. It seeks to generate first-in-class immune therapy for cancer patients in order to limit resistance to cancer treatment and enhance control over the disease.