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3 reasons to read our Integrated Annual Report 2022-2023 

Societal and economic changes are inspiring us to transform our business practices. The evolving expectations of our stakeholders, especially patients and employees, the emergence of AI, the race for innovation and increased competition are prompting us to challenge conventions.

Our Integrated Annual Report sets out the challenges ahead and the actions Servier is taking to meet them.

The past year has marked significant milestones in achieving our Servier 2030 ambition. Noteworthy strides in oncology, promising partnerships with leaders in cutting-edge technology, the strengthening and structuring of our organization… The report looks back on the progress made, a source of pride and a testament to our team’s commitment. 

At Servier, performance and sustainability go hand in hand! Our ambition is to create a meaningful societal impact, which means it must be measurable. From carbon footprint to community engagement, explore how we assess our global impact and strive to create value for all our stakeholders.

Our Integrated Annual Report 2022-2023 is much more than a corporate document: it’s an invitation to explore our story, achievements and aspirations, in a concise and attractive format.