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PRISM BioLab, a new partner for Servier in immuno-oncology

Servier and PRISM BioLab,  a Japan based biotechnology company, have entered into a collaboration and exclusive license option agreement.

Under the collaboration agreement, PepMetics™ technology provided by PRISM BioLab are utilized to identify from their library or synthetize, characterize, and optimize small molecule compounds capable of binding and stimulating the activity of the target specified by Servier.

The PRISM BioLab technology has the potential to help with the identification and optimization of novel compounds against hard to drug targets, in particular in oncology, which is one of Servier’s priority R&D therapeutic areas.

Upon finding the lead compounds, Servier has the option to license the lead compounds for further optimization and clinical development.

Using this technology, two clinical stage pipelines for cancer and fibrosis have been developed and licensed to Japanese Pharma companies.