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PatientView 2020 ranking: good results for Servier

A healthcare player committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs, Servier aims to work with and for patients at all stages of the drug’s life cycle. This commitment is rewarded by the Group’s good results in the ranking resulting from the report prepared by PatientView in 2020, in particular in oncology where Servier has gained two places.

Servier ranked 35th (of 48 companies) in the Corporate Reputation of Pharma report prepared by PatientView in 2020 in collaboration with patient groups throughout the world.

The report looked into various criteria such as transparency, patient engagement in R&D, supporting patients during the Covid-19 experience and the existence of services other than medication. The Group thus consolidates the good results obtained last year, in particular on the following themes: Quality of Patient group relationships, Patient Centricity and transparency on pricing.

A partner of choice in oncology

Servier was recognized in particular as a partner of choice in oncology; the Group came 8th (of 33 companies) in the ranking established by the patient groups with which it works in this field. The Group thus gained two places compared to 2019. A significant step forward which contributes to the Group’s ambition to become a renowned and innovative player in oncology.


“This ranking demonstrates our continued commitment to patients. These good results reflect our desire to integrate the patient’s voice at the heart of all decision-making, from research to support beyond drug treatment. They also encourage us to strengthen our partnerships with patient associations.”

Bertrand Renaud, Chief Patient Officer

Among 1,920 patient organizations targeted by the survey, 202 claim to be familiar with Servier (63 in oncology), and 57 work with the Group (30 in oncology).

Strong growth in the United States

Servier’s reputation with patient associations is improving particularly in the United States, where Servier Pharmaceuticals ranked 10th in the report prepared by PatientView in collaboration with patient groups in the US. Servier Pharmaceuticals also signed the second best increase (+12 points compared to 2019).


“We are very proud of the reputation we are building in the US. It is a huge win for Servier from introducing the company to the market just two years ago to now being ranked in the top 10 across the industry by patient advocates.”

Wendy Poage, Head, Patient Advocacy, Engagement & Services, Servier Pharmaceuticals