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Mediator trial

The Paris Court of Appeals handed down its judgment today in the Mediator trial.

Olivier Laureau wanted to be present at the Court, out of respect for the victims and for all the employees of the Group.

For the offenses of fraud and improperly obtaining marketing authorizations and their renewals, the Court found the Servier Group guilty, thereby rescinding the judgment of the first instance.

For the charges of aggravated deception and involuntary manslaughter, the Court upheld the conviction of the first instance.

In all, companies of the Servier Group were ordered to pay around 9 million euros in fines for all offenses and to reimburse around 415 million euros to health care organizations for fraud.

Compensation to victims, already paid following the judgment of the first instance, were upheld.

Despite the severity of the conviction, the Group is in a position to face this decision, which is disputable and disappointing in many respects.

This conviction is, in part, contradictory to the judgment handed down by the judges of the first instance. Consequently, we have made the decision to lodge an appeal.