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Italy: A successful campaign on adherence!

Almost 200,000 people with cardiovascular disease lose their lives each year in Europe1 due to poor adherence to treatment. That is why the teams of Servier Italy realized an information and awareness campaign on the importance of therapeutic adherence in chronic cardiovascular diseases. 

Led in collaboration with two local Patients’ Associations – Conacuore and the Italian Heart Foundation, the “Tutti per uno – l’aderenza è un gioco di squadra2” is an entertaining reality of 6 episodes. The concept of the campaign is based on the analogy between teamwork in football and therapeutic adherence where the commitment of everyone: patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies and institutions, is crucial for successful therapy.

Did you know?

Ensuring patients stick to long-term treatments is a major issue in the health care sector. Despite the existence of many therapeutic solutions, non-adherence is very frequent and greatly impacts patient health. The WHO estimates that fewer than 50% of patients throughout the world properly follow their treatment plan.

“Our ‘teamwork’ is realised by cooperating with the different players in the world of health, and in particular we are highly proud and grateful to be partners of Patients’ Associations and Scientific Societies in projects that promote awareness of risk factors and therapeutic adherence in cardiometabolic diseases.”

Gilles Renacco, Servier Italy General Manager

Watch the episodes – with the participation of Carolina Morace, soccer champion and former coach of the Italian Women’s National Soccer Team.

Episode 1:
How important is commitment and consistency in treatment adherence in cardiometabolic disease? What about sports?

Episode 2:
As in a soccer team, good communication between doctors and patients is essential for therapeutic adherence. 

Episode 3:
Between the coach and the player, the relationship based on trust is fundamental, just as between the doctor and the patient.

Episode 4:
Like a soccer match, in therapeutic adherence it is important that all players work together to achieve the desired end result.

Episode 5:
Just as fan support can change the outcome of a soccer match, support from family and caregivers is crucial for patients with cardiovascular disease to follow their treatment.

1- OECD/EU (2018), Health at a Glance: Europe 2018: State of Health in the EU Cycle, OECD Publishing, Paris.
2 – “All for one – Adherence is a team game”