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International Childhood Cancer Day: Servier’s President affirms his commitment

The International Childhood Cancer Day, established in 2001, aims to raise public awareness of a disease that affects nearly 400,000 children and adolescents worldwide every year. On this occasion, Olivier Laureau, President of Servier, reaffirmed Servier’s commitment to pediatric oncology research.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, after day-to-day accidents. Leukemia is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in children under 15 years of age, the most common form being acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Philippe Gonnard, Executive Vice President Global Medical & Patient Affairs, also expressed his support for this awareness day in a post on LinkedIn, emphasizing Servier’s commitment to work more WITH patients and to incorporate their voice at every stage of the drug life cycle.

Today, priority must be given to research to increase the chances of survival and reduce the effects of treatment. This is why Servier devotes more than 50% of its global R&D budget to the research for new therapeutic solutions against cancer.