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Insights, the magazine covering the major transformative topics in the pharmaceutical industry

With thousands of players, the pharmaceutical sector is particularly dynamic. Whether Big Pharma, biotechs or medium-size enterprises, the companies in our industry face numerous challenges. These include the urgent need to innovate for patients, to invest even more in R&D, to modernize production tools in order to cover the growing needs of patients, and to respond to the world’s challenges in terms of sustainability – all while navigating in a particularly complex geopolitical environment.

Insights aims to shed light on the main challenges and opportunities in this industry. It endeavors to present new technologies that could completely reshape the way therapeutic solutions are designed, and also to give readers a front-row seat at meetings with stakeholders in the sector (patients, scientists or entrepreneurs, for example).

In the contents, you’ll find:

  • Crystal clear: Understanding rare diseases
    “Research into rare diseases holds some of the greatest potential for medical innovation,” Nicolas Lévy, clinician and professor of medical genetics, and chief scientist rare diseases at Servier. In this interview, this passionate scientist analyzes and provides insight for you on the advances in the field of rare diseases, the expectations of patients, and the major challenges facing medicine today.
  • Science Calling: Aitia explains “Digital Twins”
    As their name suggests, these virtual copies are the computational representation of diseases that are based on real data taken from the results of clinical studies carried out on patients. This technology, when combined with industrial expertise, could considerably accelerate the phases of R&D, as well as the process of identifying new targets.
  • Tell Me a Story: Learn more about the winners of the FAST program
    Does an incubator really boost the development of a start-up? How does it maximize its chances of success? Palm Therapeutics, a young Californian start-up, participated in the FAST California Life Science program. The company’s founder, Andrew Rudd, talks about the benefits of this experience and how it equips him to develop his project in the best conditions.
  • Futures Forum: The challenges and opportunities of mid-size pharma
    Mid-size players in pharmaceuticals are at the thick of many challenges. Mathieu Lamiaux, managing director and senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group, and Jérôme Klein, head of corporate strategy at Servier, provide their views on the challenges and opportunities for this type of business.
  • Sounding Out Patients: Patients tell us their story
    In a series of authentic podcasts, patients share their experiences of illness.