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Discover the tremendous work of the pediatric cardiac surgeons at the Cuomo center in Dakar!

The Cuomo pediatric cardiology center in Dakar has now the ability to help children in Senegal and West Africa in their struggle for life.

In the framework of the partnership between Mécénat Servier and The Cuomo Center in Dakar (Senegal) signed in 2016, the Senegalese healthcare professionals received six months of comprehensive training at the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital, a worldwide center of excellence for specific types of open-heart surgery on children. The objective being to, independently, heal ailing African children.  The Center is also equipped with innovative facilities and the most optimum facilities for surgical interventions.

After the success of the first operation on 16 January 2017, 132 operations on children with heart disease have since been carried out.

Discover actions and the daily life of these surgeons who Servier is proud to support.

The Cuomo pediatric cardiology center in Dakar is a care space for children with cardiac disease as well as being a place for Senegalese medical teams to train. This is the true expression of an ambition shared with “La Fondation Cuomo” (funding), “La Chaîne de l’Espoir” (project leader), the Fann University Hospital (Dakar) and the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Social Affairs and Health.

For 50 years Servier has undertaken numerous initiatives to meet the needs of local communities. This project also brings the achievement of Mécénat Serviers’ actions including the creation of its endowment fund on 2016.