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Colorectal Cancer: Servier and Celsius Therapeutics collaborate for Target Discovery

Servier and Celsius Therapeutics announced a strategic collaboration focused on the identification and validation of novel colorectal cancer (CRC) drug targets.

Celsius Therapeutics is a a community of scientists, technologists and clinicians focused on bringing precision medicine to patients with cancer and autoimmunity. Launched in 2018 and based in Cambridge (US), Celsius is a leader in the application of single cell genomics to drug discovery and development.

“As colorectal cancer remains a leading contributor to cancer deaths worldwide, we see an urgent need to bring forward new therapeutic options for patients. Through this collaboration, we will leverage Celsius’ single-cell genomics platform, machine learning capabilities, and target validation expertise to refine our understanding of the different subtypes of CRC and discover new drug targets with the goal of developing novel precision therapies for specific patient subsets. Servier will discover and develop candidate drugs leveraging our end-to-end small molecule and large molecule capabilities.”

Hugues Dolgos, Global Head of Oncology R&D at Servier
Did you know?

Committed to fighting cancer, Servier intends to dedicate 50% of its global R&D budget to researching cancer treatments (besides generic medicine activities).

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