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“Coalition Innovation Santé”: Servier supports Chronolife

As part of the Coalition Innovation Santé – Crise Sanitaire* initiative, Servier and Chronolife are collaborating to accelerate the deployment of a telemonitoring solution which aims to facilitate remote monitoring of chronic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and enable health care professionals to provide better patient care.

Chronolife, a company specializing in digital health, has developed a smart t-shirt integrating multiple sensors and a smartphone application for the remote monitoring of patients. This medical device allows for the continuous monitoring of 6 physiological parameters (electrocardiogram, physical activity, abdominal and thoracic breathing, skin temperature, and pulmonary impedance to detect edemas). The measurement of these parameters can highlight significant changes in the patient’s overall health to medical providers. This will enable HCPs make appropriate treatment decisions.

With its expertise in cardiology, Servier has decided to support Chronolife in the carrying out of an experiment on the remote monitoring of 40 patients with chronic heart failure. The aim is to determine whether the smart t-shirt provides useful information to medical practitioners during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as assess its use in regular clinical practice.

*Confronted with the health crisis related to the propagation of the Covid-19, the Group has joined the “Health Innovation Coalition – Health Crisis” in March. This coalition, which unites public and private health care stakeholders in France, has been set up to contribute to relieving congestion in the health system and ensuring patients with chronic diseases continue to be treated.