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#BecauseIsayso #Checkyourpressure: Servier’s public campaign to raise awareness on the importance of blood pressure measurement

On May 1st, Servier is launching, in collaboration with the May Measurement Month, the fourth edition of “#BecauseIsayso” (BISS) #Checkyourpressure, a worldwide campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of having blood pressure checked.

Hypertension is known as a “silent killer” because despite there are often no symptoms, it can lead to serious cardiovascular disease. A blood pressure measurement is the only way to know if blood pressure is too high.  

This year the message is even more crucial explains David Pédelabat-Lartigau, Director of the hypertension portfolio at Servier:

“The impact of the pandemic has been huge for everyone in the World and we know that the diagnosis of hypertension has been delayed due to the difficult access to doctors. It is why Servier, as a worldwide leader in the field of hypertension, continues to be, more than ever, committed to fight hypertension in partnership with health care professionals and academic societies, ensuring an early diagnosis as it is critical for patients to be protected against the severe consequences of hypertension as soon as possible.”

Launched worldwide, “#BecauseIsayso,” aims to refocus public attention by encouraging young adults to motivate their parents and loved ones to get their blood pressure checked.

Key numbers


Hypertension is the leading cause of mortality (Poulter N et al. Lancet. 2015;386(9995):801-812)


Each year, hypertension is responsible for over 10 million deaths worldwide. (WHO)


Hypertension is thought to be responsible for 62% of strokes. (French Federation of Cardiology)


An estimated 29.2% of the adult population is expected to suffer from the condition in 2025, representing 1.56 billion people. (Lancet)

Developed with the support of patients, the 2022 campaign incorporates new messages and visuals. “Late diagnosis is a major challenge in hypertension when it is very easy to do the measurement of the blood pressure. Early detection is key to prevent complications and with patients we have to develop adherence to these preventive measures. Co-developed with Global Heart Hub, the Alliance of Heart Patient Organizations, “#BecauseIsayso” is a perfect example of our commitment to working with patients”, explains Bertrand Renaud, Chief Patient Officer of the Servier Group.

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