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Golden Ticket 2020 awarded to Rgenta Therapeutics, a biotech specializing in diseases considered incurable

Servier has awarded the 2020 Servier Golden Ticket at LabCentral to Rgenta Therapeutics, a new biotech company focusing on developing RNA-targeting medicines for historically undruggable disease-relevant targets.

Awarded since 2017 by Servier, this prize aims to support, for one year, a research project of a start-up corresponding to one of the Group’s therapeutic areas.

The award will help Rgenta Therapeutics advance the company’s pursuit of high-value oral, small molecule RNA targets in a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology and neurology.

“Rgenta Therapeutics has developed a technology platform that is very interesting for several of Servier’s therapeutic areas, with a specific interest today in Neurosciences. It is very exciting for us to have access to a unique approach of RNA-targeting to develop novel medicines in oncology and neurology, with the technology of Rgenta representing a platform with a broader potential.”

Olivier Nosjean, Scientific Director of Research at Servier

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Rgenta Therapeutics is built on a robust discovery platform that delivers an innovative approach that gives it access to historically undruggable, highly disease-relevant targets. Utilizing large-scale genomics data and a proprietary bioinformatic analysis platform, Rgenta is able to identify regulatory sites in RNAs amenable for potent and selective modulation by small molecules. This unique discovery engine can rapidly screen for drug-like small molecules to target RNAs and thereby regulate protein production or alter protein function, opening up unprecedented opportunities for drug development.