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Providing objective and reliable information on medicines
PHILIPPE GONNARD, Executive Vice President GlobalMedical Affairs

Servier strives to provide objective, high-quality medical information to the health care community to ensure that its medicines are used safely. Medical Affairs plays a fundamental role as the guarantor of the objectivity and integrity of the information provided to medical experts and communities worldwid.

Servier has chosen to target specialist diseases, involving increasingly complex mechanisms of action. In this regard, the Directorate of Global Medical Affairs has four key missions:

1. To encourage a balanced exchange of knowledge with the scientific and medical communities

Servier is building partnerships with learned societies to encourage the scientific exchange and advancement of medical knowledge.

Moreover, we provide information on our therapeutic solutions to the medical community at scientific conferences whilst ensuring that the medical information provided is both practical and high quality, with regard to existing professional codes.

2. To better understand medical practice and identify new therapeutic needs

We are putting in place real life clinical and observational studies to better understand patient care in numerous diseases as well as the practical application of our medicines.

3. To develop partnerships with patient associations

The desire of Servier to place the patient at the centre of our thinking is a major commitment. We seek to meet the expectations of the patient and consequently adapt the choice of new therapeutic solutions.

Our commitment can also be seen through the implementation of specific programmes to access our medicines which allow patients to benefit more quickly from innovation, particularly in oncology.

4. To respond to all questions raised by healthcare professionals or patients, in France and internationally

Through its Medical Information Department, Global Medical Affairs are also responsible for providing the best response to healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), patients and caregivers, with regard to the correct use of medicines from our Laboratory.