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Our digital therapeutic solutions

Connected healthcare services, or eHealth services, are uniquely placed to offer patients comprehensive care from prevention to treatment to follow-up. For this reason, we are developing – alone and in partnership – eHealth solutions and innovative digital tools to benefit and support patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals.


WeHealth Digital Medicine is our eHealth brand. It was launched in 2016 to meet the emerging eHealth demand in the healthcare market. Our WeHealth mission is to co-develop simple-to-use products and services that integrate experience and patient care. Based on innovations spearheaded by start-ups around the globe, our solutions target newly emerging challenges — including highly-personalized medicine — and are geared towards prediction and prevention.

They are designed to complement the use of therapeutic and diagnostic devices. As a result, patients will be able to benefit from the best comprehensive solutions combining drugs, medical devices, software and/or applications, and services.



Our digital tools

We are developing tools, software, and apps for patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals that can be used throughout the course of care. In particular, we want to contribute to new uses and ensure the responsible processing of data collected. The availability of these tools will differ from country to country.


Servier and partner Bioserenity are launching a smart T-shirt, Cardioskin, which functions as a portable and wearable electrocardiogram. This garment can measure the electrical activity of the heart from many angles and detect abnormalities in cases that require cardiac-activity recording over several hours. In addition, Cardioskin can monitor the heart for an unlimited duration. Finally, data is transmitted in real-time, considerably improving follow-up care. Through a connected mobile app, the patient can input any symptoms he/she is experiencing, enabling his/her cardiologist to correlate analysis of the data collected by the T-shirt and any related symptoms.


Servier has partnered with GAIA, a global pioneer in digital therapies, to market Deprexis®, an online-based cognitive-behavioural therapy solution. This medical advance provides tailored therapeutic support to people with depression.

Although depression is a widespread disease, affecting nearly 350 million people worldwide (source, WHO), many patients are not getting the appropriate treatment they need. With advances like Deprexis®, more people can benefit from individualized therapeutic solutions.