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THRPTX: Back on the Therapeutic Innovation Summit organized by Servier

Following months of preparations, Servier brought together a panel of experts from all over the world, who work every day for therapeutic progress. This unique space for discussion made it possible to initiate reflection on the main levers which should make it possible to improve the care of oncology patients.

This summit allowed the Groupe to reaffirm its position as a global player in healthcare innovation. Firm in our conviction that science and open innovation are key factors in the emergence of breakthrough therapeutic innovations for patients. Finally, this unique meeting also highlighted our commitment to being a catalyst for change in the pharmaceutical industry by fostering synergies within an open ecosystem, for the benefit of patients and their loved ones.

Under the patronage of Professor William G. Kaelin Jr., 2019 Nobel prize winner in Medicine and Physiology, THRPTX provided an opportunity to delve into the latest innovations in oncology, from diagnosis to post-cancer care for patients; and to revisit the profound impact of medical advances on society.

Throughout the event, discussions resolutely focused on patients’ needs brought to the forefront the importance of collaboration between all the parties involved. The participants also discussed the role of new technologies and the analysis of healthcare data in order to understand their impact on medical practices and societal needs in terms of innovation in the field of healthcare.

In a testament to the handing down of scientific talent from one generation to the next, the event concluded with a refreshing back-and-forth between a young post-doctorate researcher from Servier and Nobel prize winner Prof. William Kaelin.