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MyFood: two brochures available for patients and health care professionals

“MyFood” is the third series of brochures resulting from the collaboration between Servier and Digestive Cancers Europe (DiCE). Co-created with patients, experts, representatives of patients with digestive cancers, caregivers, and health care professionals, these brochures are part of the SHAPE program. Their goal? To help people living with stomach cancer eat better and to facilitate exchanges about their diets with health care professionals.

SHAPE* is an international program launched by Servier in collaboration with the Digestive Cancers Europe coalition. It aims to develop tools that improve the care of patients with gastrointestinal cancers and to support them and their families throughout their journey with the disease. This approach led to the publication of the “MyMood” “MyDialogue,” and now, the “MyFood” brochures. They are all presented in two versions, one for patients and the other for health care professionals.

The two “MyFood” brochures have been developed with the contribution of oncologists, oncology nurses, oncology nutrition and dietary specialists as well as patients, patient representatives, and caregivers.


“The cancer itself, treatment side effects, stress or changes in the pace of life can particularly complicate patients’ diets and affect their appetites. Thanks to this work, carried out in collaboration with all the stakeholders involved in caring for patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancers, we can provide them with practical tips and advice to help them regain the pleasure of eating.”

Laure Sgandurra, Program Director, Global Oncology Franchise at Servier

The “MyFood” brochure aims to help patients living with digestive cancer adapt their diets to their personal situation, to be able to regain the pleasure of eating.

The “MyFood” brochure for health care professionals has been designed to help respond to patients’ questions and concerns through practical advice and different resources.


For patients



For health care professionals


Servier is partnering with Digestive Cancers Europe to co-create brochures with and for patients

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